Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shaping Up Wishes

Nearer goals:
  • Be a size 22 all of the time (no waffling back and forth between 22 and 26)
  • Have my underclothes fit better
  • Be able to fit my garter belts again ( I don't like pantyhose)
  • Have my necklaces get looser
  • Be able to put on special occasion, work supplied t-shirts without worry (Next up: shirt for Camp Read -A-Lot in August)
  • Exercise for a) 45 b)50 c)55 d)60 minutes a day, 6 days a week
  • Feel proud of each little accomplishment
  • Fit into the vintage 30s or 40s tulip patterned feed sack dress I bought. It's still too small in the chest and area above the waist.
Long range goals:

  • Be more comfortable in heels
  • Be able to wear boots!
  • Have a towel close around me
  • Lose the abdominal rolls visible under clothing
  • Lower my blood pressure!
  • Have a waist under 35 inches for better health
  • Shop for clothes in a non plus size store
  • Be more comfortable in booths and airplane seats
  • Buy cute Indian clothes besides saris
  • Feel sexier in burlesque
  • Wear a cute vintage style bathing suit

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