Monday, November 22, 2010

Losing weight again!

I have to admit, I doubt my scale lately. It doesn't seem as reliable as it once did. Possibly, this is due to my dogs using it as an extra boost up to try to look out our bedroom window. But, Saturday, the scale said I weigh 203. 203! This is truly exciting. I weighed myself three times at different spots in the bedroom, and backed up by the tape measure and the way my clothes fit, I'm choosing to believe it. It gives me a boost in my weight loss efforts, and if it isn't true yet, then I guess that it will be soon.

I have to confess: I would truly love to be less than 200 lbs for the new year. Four pounds away doesn't seem like much, but you know how you can get caught in a struggle or plateau. Also, the holidays are fast approaching, which will mean really paying attention to what I'm eating and how much I exercise. But, I'm resolving right here to do the best I can to hit my first big goal by January first. If I eat reasonably and stay on excercise task and I still can't make it, then so be it. But, I am going to try!

For fun, I went to My Virtual Model, to see what my big goal, 137 lbs, would look like. It seems that their Virtual Weight Loss model feature isn't working anymore, but I put together a before and after. The problem is that she doesn't look much like me, but there you go. Imagine blond hair for the bangs and some cat eye glasses, and we're getting closer. If anybody knows how to photoshop, take a crack at her.



  1. That 200 pound barrier is such a mental and physical milestone. I obsessed about it forever!

  2. You will get there, and maybe even before the end of the year. Four pounds off is reasonable. Eat sensibly and you can do it

    Zumba, humm. Maybe.

  3. You can do it! I bet you'll be under 200 pounds by New Year's Day - NO problem! :)

  4. yes you can do it
    I ve lost few pounds also so I know how hard it is
    Can I reed thios blog