Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Breast Reduction: Before and After

January 2009

October 2009

I made a huge change to my body last year. After years of debating, I decided to have breast reduction surgery. Here is the difference my surgery made.  The first photo is from January 2009, with my husband. My reduction was in April '09. The last photo is how I've looked since. My general weight is about the same.

I'm so glad that I decided to have the surgery. It has changed my life. The recovery was not a piece of cake, but it was so worth it. Before, I knew that no matter how much weight I lost, certain clothes would always be off limits to me. I would never be able to wear pretty bras. Even in high school, when I weighed 102 lbs, I was beyond a D cup. Additionally, there was the strain on my back and the general difficulty I had exercising. Simply put, my breasts were in the way.

All that has changed now. I never thought that I could look and feel like this. It is a great motivator for me to get in shape!

Questions welcome. Have a great Sunday!


  1. Just found your blog... :) Looking forward to following you. You are so brave having the girls done.. I dream of the day when im not so chicken. Im breastfeeding right now and im up from a DD to H .. Did you find a huge diffrence in lower back comfort after getting it done?
    Ive got my own blog too check it out and follow me..

  2. Hi! Thanks for following me. I was an H cup too when I had the surgery. Now I'm down to a DD. I assume I'll go down more as I lose weight. I feel much better now. I was not in constant pain before, but you definitely feel much more unburdened afterward. You don't even realize how much you're halling around.

    I would definitely recommend the surgery. Since it was medically necessary in my doctor's opinion, my insurance paid for pretty much the whole thing. I was able to retain all feeling. I really like the way I look now. I would be happy to be a sounding board and cheerleader for you as you decide what to do. If you want to ask anything more private, feel free to write me by clicking "Contact me" at the end of my "About me" section. Going over to check out your blog now!

  3. Having large breasts can be difficult at times. Aside from difficulties in finding a good bra, having a large pair of breasts can also cause back and neck pains. I’m glad that you opted to undergo the procedure. Looking at the before and after pictures, I must say that you there is a big improvement. Your new breast size suits you well.

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