Friday, July 23, 2010

Me, I want a hula hoop!

I saw a weighted hula hoop in an old Weight Watchers magazine and now I want one! It looks like a fun way to work out, and I want to slim down my waist. As I mentioned, I am super happy with my breast reduction, but I'm no longer the hour glass that I was. I'd like a more defined waistline and I hear that hooping is a great way to get one. At $42.00, I find this pretty expensive, but it's a one shot cost, so I'm willing. We just paid some huge vet bills this last week (with a sad outcome), so I'll be putting off the purchase for a little bit.

Confession: I've never been able to keep a hula hoop going. They dropped immediately to the floor. But, I've read that the heavy hoops are much easier to keep up. Also, read that it's a back and forth motion originating from the feet, which I certainly wasn't doing before. I was trying a round and round hip motion. On a scary note, I saw in the Amazon reviews that these hoops bruise you until you get used to them. Oh, goody. Yet, I'm still rarin' to go. You can file this in the "youthful folly" type exercise that I want to try out in spite of my age, along with jump rope and roller blading (break out the pads and pillows!)

Anybody have any hooping advice?

For fun, let me acquaint you with burlesque beauty Lula Houp-Garou, who hoops in her acts. Read more about her at: her homepage .

Image from Vaudezilla

Her take off on Tippi Hedren in The Birds is awesome.

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