Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Review: Fage Greek Yogurt

A splendid new discovery for me is Fage (pronounced "Fa-Yeh") Total 2% yogurt. I love it! It is available plain or with honey, peach, strawberry or cherry.

I am eating this for breakfast, part of lunch or a snack and it is helping to satisfy my sweet tooth. My history with yogurt is that sometimes I'm really in the mood for it, and I'll go on a streak of wanting it all the time, and then suddenly it is unappealing to me and I have to wait until it seems attractive again. I don't like the soft consistency of most yogurts, period. Until now, my yogurt of choice has been either Yoplait Thick & Creamy yogurt strawberry (190 calories & 7 grams of protein for 6 oz according to their website) or lemon flavors or Yoplait Whips! Strawberry Mist or Orange Cream (140 cal & 5 grams protein for 4 oz). The chocolate flavor tasted like another mysterious fruit, but not like chocolate, so I just couldn't warm to it.

I am hoping to have a more consistent relationship with Fage. One thing I like is the texture, which is thick like sour cream. The plain yogurt is tangy and when you add in the sweet stuff, it tastes like a little dessert. My husband thinks that it is like cheesecake. I wouldn't go that far, but it is yummy. Fage honey has 180 calories & 10 grams protein in 5.3 oz. The fruit flavors in the same size carton have 130 cal. & 11 grams protein. You can find more nutritional info here.

Picture courtesy of Bite of the Best

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