Saturday, September 18, 2010

Non scale achievements make me happy!

Happy me with Kristian and friends at the Minnesota State Fair

Okay, this post admittedly has nothing to do with the fair, but the photo above is an example of a grand old time for me. And I've had a couple of great non scale achievements lately! This is good, because my motivation has been flagging somewhat.  I somehow hurt a muscle in my thigh, so I had to quit biking for about four days. Now I'm only going for an half an hour at a time, and taking it really easy. But, due to my current catlessness (pathetic disclosure coming up) I've been trolling our neighborhood for friendly kitties that I can pet, and this has turned into some long walks after work. So, all is not lost. I love walking around the streets where we live and just seeing what's going on. After dinner is my favorite time, when the light is getting softer and people are relaxing after work. I like to see the state of the gardens, and the many squirrels and bunnies attending to their evening activities. It's just a special time.

This past weekend, I was shifting out my semi-fall clothes: mid weight but not sweaters. There were a number of knit tops that I either haven't fit in years or else I've bought on sale because they almost fit and I have never actually worn. Guess what? They all fit. Some were too big! It was like going shopping in my closet. I banished some of the looser stuff to the give-away bag. That was a wonderful esteem booster. How about you? With seasonal wardrobe shifting, have you had any nice surprises?

The other big deal was that I went for my annual medical check up Thursday morning, and both my doctor and her nurse complimented me on my weight loss, which felt really good. Most importantly, my blood pressure is down to the normal range again. That is a huge relief! Both of my parents have high blood pressure, and I don't wish to take after them in that way. I was also screened for cholesterol level and diabetes. Let's keep our fingers crossed for those results.

And here's a teaser: I've completely changed my hair. New cut and color. Stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on those NSV's! Awesome! :)

  2. Congrats! That's a huge NSV! :)