Friday, September 3, 2010

Future Reward Dress

When I hit my first goal of 199 lbs., I've decided to reward myself with a really nice dress. I've had my eye on Kiyonna's lace dresses for some time. This one is their 3/4 Sleeved Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress. It also comes in black lace with black lining and chocolate with chocolate lining, but I want to go for the glam and get black lace with nude lining, as shown. At $148.00, it is a little spendy for me, but this is a special treat.

You can see the rest of their dresses at Kiyonna:dresses .

Judging from their Size Chart, if I ordered right now, I'd be on the border between a 2x and 1x. When I lose my 11 lbs., I assume I'll be a solid (no pun intended) 1x. I'm getting excited!

Size :

0x: 10 12, Bust 40.5-44, Waist 34.5-38, Hips 44.5-48
 1x : 14 16, Bust 44.5-48, Waist 38.5-42, Hips 48.5-52
2x: 18 20, Bust 48.5-52,  Waist 42.5-46,  Hips 52.5-56
3x: 22 24, Bust 52.5-56,  Waist 46.5-50,  Hips 56.5-60
4x: 26 28, Bust 56.5-62,  Waist 50.5-56,  Hips 60.5-66
5x: 30 32, Bust 62.5-68,  Waist 56.5-62,  Hips 66.5-72


What ways, big and small, do you reward yourself for sticking to your healthy lifestyle goals?

True, there is great satisfaction in the changes themselves. I am thrilled with every lb. down for the way that my clothes fit better, or looser, for the way that my body is altering. I'll be going for a check up with my doctor soon, and I hope to see changes in my blood pressure, which will be a huge reward. There is also pleasure in knowing that I'm getting stronger, that I can bike for longer at a higher level without fainting. That I can climb stairs easier and squat to shelve books longer without it hurting. I'm proud when my family and friends compliment me for sticking to my goals.

On a more concrete level, I decided to treat myself with an inexpensive sterling silver charm for every five lbs that I lose. I plan to start three bracelets, one about me, another about Kristian and me, and a third as a story bracelet, with charms representing fairy tales and books I love. These won't be Italian charms or fancy beads, but old school dangly charms like I wore as a girl. So far, I've only bought one, that I got at Hoover Dam on our recent trip to Nevada. But, I have a Storyteller charm from a visit to the Grand Canyon, and  a princess crown studded with marcasite that I've had waiting in the wings.

Dreaming of the dress!


  1. Love the dress! Love the idea that you shoot fro rewards like this. I am sure it helps with your overall motivation and determination. As for me, the latest treat (when I went down 12 pounds) was a pedicure at one of those "spendy" places. Felt great!

  2. Hey Donell! First off, I love the dress! I like to award myself with things like purses, mani/pedi, and music CD's. :) Oh, I've nominated you for a blog award! Just jump on over to my blog to find out all the details. Have a great afternoon!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Stephanie, thank you so much for thinking of me! You made my day.

  4. Love that dress! It's going to look amazing on you!

    Also love the charm bracelet idea, I did that last time I lost weight. A tangible reminder around your wrist of how far you've come, and how fabulous you are!