Thursday, August 5, 2010

New clothes for the not-as-fat girl

Kristian and I went shopping for some new clothes last weekend. That does not happen all that often, but we were in need. My jeans were just getting too baggy, and he needed some new boots.So, we ventured to Mall of America, aka The Mall of Hysteria. Have you been there? It's incredibly huge and busy and parking there is an art. I usually go to Southdale, but today we pulled out all the stops.

   First we went to DSW and I found the Softspots Aster Mary Janes above. I am thrilled with them! I normally wear a 6 1/2, but these came in my ridiculous real size which is 6WW. I think that they are cute. I love the flower, they have a wedge but not a higher heel, so I can stand in them at work all day, and  they are not open toed or heeled, so I can wear them through 3 Minnesota seasons. Yeah!

Then we went to Lane Bryant, and I bought some daringly small clothes. I guess that I have some body distortion, because you can ask any of my friends and coworkers and they will tell you that I wear my clothes too big. I have this fear of putting all of my tummy rolls on display. However, I had my husband take some photos of me for "Beforish" pictures for the blog, and I was unhappy to see that you couldn't tell that I have a waist, even though I do. So, I decided to trust him and the sales women over my own instincts, at least fit-wise. I got a pair of their petite straight leg jeans. The sales woman was a whiz at looking at me and knowing which pair would look best. I knew I wanted a straight leg cut, because I have relatively slender legs, but I would've gone for the Red size 22 (Lane Bryant has its own jean sizing system). This is supposed to be if you are moderately curvy. She showed me how I could go down to a Red size 20 or try a Yellow size 22. It is a narrower cut, but the material has stretch and actually it looked good on me. The placement of the pockets made my behind look shapely, even though it's really kind of flat. A winner. Then I bought some black trousers. I am 5'2", so they will have to go to the tailor to be hemmed, but I can wear the jeans right now!

Shopping for t-shirts was more of a stretch mentally. I bought four in red, pink, blue and purple. I was shocked to find that the fit of choice was a size 18/20! I've been wearing a 26/28. I was even encouraged to try on a size 14/16, but it was just too clingy for me. Kristian really liked the ones we got, though. He looked at me and said, "you've got curves, baby!" I left the store feeling elated.

The next day I tried on my clothes as whole outfits and did a little fashion show. Then I panicked. What was I thinking buying these fitted clothes? What was Kristian thinking letting me get them? What if people laughed at me or thought that I was mutton dressed as lamb? But, on Monday I wore my purple shirt and my old jeans to work. My coworkers were very nice, and complimented me a lot. Today I decided to be brave and go for it and I'm wearing the shoes, jeans, and red t-shirt. I've had nothing but positive reaction. So...

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