Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nevada vacation = healthy eating challenges + fun!

Las Vegas Show Girl

Picture from Wackystuff on Flickr, who describes it as a: "1940s pin-up card dispensed from penny arcade vending machines."

We came home yesterday after five days in Nevada. We had a great time, visiting relatives in Boulder City and spending 24 hours together in Las Vegas.  Since this is my fitness blog, I'll keep my summary relevant: this was challenging to a healthy lifestyle! Since we were guests of my husband's family, we didn't choose the restaurants we went to, and I was frequently tempted to overindulge by the yummy-sounding choices on the menus . I tried to stick to my healthier habits, and sometimes I did okay. I drank no soda the entire trip, only water with lemon. I admit that I wavered the night of our dinner in Vegas, but fortunately, they only had Pepsi, and my poison is Coke, so I opted out. When I had sandwiches, I refused the French fries and had fruit or cottage cheese instead. I turned down dessert, although not always. We filled the guesthouse fridge with fruit and Breyers Smooth and Dreamy chocolate carmel ice cream sandwiches.

My plan was to avoid weighing myself for a week, and stick to better habits now that I'm home. I did workout last night after we returned. But, I couldn't stay off the scale. I told myself that it wouldn't count, that it was evening and I was fully clothed. And the scale said...I lost six pounds. I couldn't believe it. True, I wore my new clothes and they continued to fit me, but it seemed too good to be true. Guess what? It was. I weighed myself twice, got the same reading, demanded of Kristian if the scale could be off, and once I accepted it, I went back upstairs and weighed myself again. Unfortunately, that time, and two more times, showed that I've only lost a pound. Now, I doubt even that, so I haven't recorded it. So, I'm staying off the scale until next Thursday morning, when I do my "official" weigh in.


I mean it.


  1. I just found your blog and see you are relatively knew (like me) to blogging about your weight loss journey. I have only been blogging about my weight loss journey for two months, so I am always on the look out for others who are getting started. I have found blogging to be incredibly empowering and a way to keep myself accountable. I love the fact that your blog is vintage and unique.

    I am also on the short side (5’2”) and started at 213. I am going very SLOWLY and am down 12 pounds. I cannot weight (wait) to get under 200. My exercise of choice is biking. I live in Minneapolis (I think you are in this next of the woods, too) and have spent a lot of time son the Grand Rounds and other bike trails. I am intrigued that you have a stationary bike and that you like it. I rode one year ago and did not. But now I need to figure out what I will do in the winter when I ca not bike outdoors. Your posts inspired me to pursue a stationary bike.

    There are thousands of weight loss blogs you just have to find them and find the ones that intrigue you. I will suggest a couple of places to go to review other weight loss blogs if you are interested. I would invite you to check them out; honestly, the blogging world is fabulously supporting and encouraging.

    List of 100 Blogs to Support your During Your Weight Loss Journey

    Blog role from Lyn at Escape from Obesity:

    And to be inspired and see where your efforts might eventually lead by checking out this link:

    Stay strong, your friend in blog land, Michele of

  2. Hi, Michele!

    Thanks for your fantastic post and for following me. I'm following you back and I look forward to spending time checking out your blog.
    You're right, I live in Minneapolis, too. I'm thinking about getting a real bike, but now I'll probably wait until spring. Do you have someone that you bike with? I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with my stationary bike. I love the results, but sometimes it's a struggle to do the actual exercise.
    You must be really excited being so close to breaking 200 lbs. That is great! I can't wait to get to that point.
    I really appreciate all the links and I will definitely check them out!

    Talk with you soon,