Monday, October 4, 2010

Two satisfying shopping finds

Photo Of Ponte knit pencil skirt from Lane Bryant

I did a bit more clothes shopping this weekend, and I made a great find at Lane Bryant- the basic pencil skirt. I have been looking for this simple style in a basic color for a long, long time. It fit me perfectly in a size 18 (happy dance!) and even though I'm 5' 2", it hits me at the top of my knee.  Hooray! I also bought it in heather grey. I like them so much that I may go back and buy them again on faith in a smaller size. I also got two fitted t-shirts, in navy and berry red and a pair of black tights. I hope that they fit well. I can't stand being strangled by hosiery and usually wear stockings. Do you have a favorite brand for plus size tights?

My other purchase was at the grocery store. I tried Fruit 2 Day in Mango peach, and I really like it. I almost didn't buy it, because my husband said it's better to eat your fruit than drink it, but I grabbed it at the last minute. That is a fine philosophy in the summer, but soon I'll be finding nothing but apples and oranges at the store. I know that I'm exaggerating, but as the season goes on, it will feel that way unless I'm creative. Anyway, I was happy with this juice, because it has big chunks of fruit in it. It was really refreshing and ideal for after a workout. At 120 calories, I'm okay with it! Find nutrition information here . Other flavors are Strawberry orange, Cherry grape, Pomegranate blueberry (next on my grocery list) and Pineapple banana (which will never cross my lips; I hate bananas!), plus two special edition flavors yearly.


  1. I found that Target has a fair amount of plus size blouses and work type shirts. They are usually easy on the budget and look terrific.

  2. Great finds! I'm totally digging that skirt! Love it! :)